Wazi’s first pilot in Kenya

Wazi partnered with LubDub Foundation in Kenya to implement digital learning at local schools to support students with additional resources.

Our first pilot project with Lubdub Foundation was to install the Wazi kit at Mutuini Hope Centre in Dagoretti, Nairobi. The Wazi kit consisted of: (1) a hub through which content could be received by the school, (2) a tablet for the teachers to prepare lessons, and (3) a projector for students to view the videos during the class and participate in group activities. The hub was preloaded with education resources and materials so the teachers and students can quickly start their digital learning journey.

Sonal, who visited Kenya to help implement the Wazi Kit, shares her experience at Mutuini Hope Centre, Dagoretti, Nairobi:

“On behalf of the Wazi Team, I arrived at the school on 21st January 2020 along with a member of Lubdub foundation, Salman. Walking into the school through a corrugated metal door felt riveting. The school had 4 classrooms along with 4 teachers who all joined us to learn how to use the system. There were around 50 students, some eating lunch, and some playing games. As I walked into one of the classrooms, I saw walls made of corrugated metal, a make do ceiling, broken tables, everything that we, in the western world would need immediately fixed (or rarely see them broken in a classroom).

I walked in carrying projectors, laptops, tablets, etc, feeling as though I was about to give them everything they’re going to need. Little did I know that they gave me something to think about. The dedication these teachers had was incredible – despite not having resources or materials, they continued to teach. It was eye opening for me personally, having been educated in a place where access to all resources, clean rooms, substitute teachers, SMARTboards, etc. was so easy. Having never given a thought to where all of this came from, I just expected school to be a certain way. It was remarkable to see children attending school and learning in a place that most of us in the western world would deem unacceptable. Perhaps, this gives us something to think about?

I began showing the teachers how to set up and disconnect the Wazi kit, also discussing with teachers what current topics they teach to the kids and whether Wazi can provide resources for those topics. I was also shown the curriculum they follow to provide supporting resources for these too. I showed the teachers how to access and request new content whenever needed. The teachers are now learning and teaching with the Wazi kit. The Wazi team has also set up regular phone calls with the school and Lubdub Foundation to troubleshoot any issues and address any learning resource requirement.” – Sonal

Wazi is proud of its first successful implementation of Wazi kit, and can already see its positive effects on the students. We are continually adding content and resources to support the teachers in of Mutuini Hope Centre, and fulfil our aim to Educate, Empower, and Enable.

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