About Us

Wazi in Kiswahili means Open. It means to Unlock. Which is exactly what we at Wazi want to do – unlock Children’s potential through open, free access to education.

According to the Global Education Monitoring Report by UNESCO, 264 million children have no access to primary or secondary school. UNICEF also reports that there has been “nearly zero progress” in the past decade on improving access to schooling in the poorest countries and mentions that 50 million uprooted children (migrant, refugee or internally displaced) globally are in desperate need of education.Solving such a huge education crisis requires a collective effort from the people, government and NGOs. Affordable portable technology can play a vital role in spreading learning materials to remote locations.

Here at Wazi, we are passionate about developing such solutions and reaching out to the rural community of the developing nations as well as the displaced refugees around the world. The project aims to improve education access by using an Internet of Things network and physical transport of data to provide existing online education content, such as Khan Academy, to remote communities around the world.

To find out more, watch our video. We have developed technology demonstrators and begun a pilot project with a local school and NGO in Kenya in 2020, with plans to run a second pilot in India in 2022.