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Wazi in Kiswahili means Open. It means to Unlock. Which is exactly what we at Wazi want to do – unlock Children’s potential through open, free access to education.

According to the Global Education Monitoring Report by UNESCO, 264 million children have no access to primary or secondary school.

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million children lacking primary/secondary education


million youth lacking basic literacy and numeracy skills


million uprooted children in need of education (refugees, migrants, etc.)


Our Partners.

We appreciate the support the following organisations have given us and continually worked with us on several projects.

Wazi's Pilot in Kenya

Wazi is proud of its first successful implementation of Wazi kit, and can already see its positive effects on the students. We are continually adding content and resources to support the teachers in of Mutuini Hope Centre, and fulfil our aim to Educate, Empower, and Enable.


Wazi Content

Our experts are creating content that is freely accessible to those who need it most. Have a look at the areas below to download learning material that you can use and distribute within your organisations.

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Our team.

Wazi is led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn.
Umang Navnit Rajdev

Engineer - Excited about opportunities to improve life chances in developing regions using cheap technology.

Dr. Steven Johnston

Senior Research Fellow - Interested in how today's problems can be solved with tomorrows technology.

Dr. Utsav Oza

Researcher - Passionate about dreaming, scribbling, inventing and creating for the betterment of society.


Our Blog

Take a sneak peek at our blog to see what's cooking at the Wazi labs - who knows, you might just find the inspiration to start something exciting yourself!

Wazi’s first pilot in Kenya
Wazi partnered with LubDub Foundation in Kenya to implement digital learning at local schools to support students with additional resources. Our first pilot project with Lubdub Foundation was to install the Wazi kit at…
Using Wazi’s Content and Resources
What good use is being part of a community if we can’t share! We love people using and sharing our content – in fact we encourage you to do so! The more people that…
How to innovate during a crisis
As compassionate beings, I am sure everyone feels the urge to help or contribute during the current global crisis triggered by COVID-19. With so many lives and industries impacted, it becomes overwhelming and confusing…

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